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EGNJ - Humberside Airfield
Latest News & Announcements
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12-11-2014 17:26
Boeing Dreamliner: Diverted...
Pilots Lobby
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10-10-2013 14:25
Spurn Point Scenery
Screenshots and images
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24-08-2013 19:20
Helicopter crash: London
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'Sheer panic' in plane evac...
Pilots Lobby
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19-10-2012 13:05
Direct Connect Sessions Now Available

Evening Direct Connect flight sessions are now available from Humberside Flyers. These are replacing the GameSpy sessions that have now been stopped within the FSX program.

You can connect to Humberside Flyers sessions using IP address:

TeamSpeak Server on    Name is HVA Humberside  - Click: Here

They will run from about 7.30pm (GMT) each evening untill late.

No password is currently needed to join sessions.

Website Owner Update

I have successfully had my major operation and I am now recuperating at home. It will take some time before I am fully recovered. The website is still up and running but, at the current time, have no plans for regular website updates or planned flying sessions.

Thank you for your patience throughout this time.

Humberside Aiport-based Eastern Airways named top regional airline in Europe
Aviation News

Humberside Aiport-based Eastern Airways named top regional airline in Europe

NORTHERN Lincolnshire-based Eastern Airways has been named Europe's number one regional airline.

The Kirmington carrier was named Gold Airline Of The Year by the European Regions Airline Association, flying higher than 51 other airlines.

In its 17th year of operations, Eastern, launched by Bryan Huxford and Richard Lake, is Europe's leading provider of fixed wing air services for the oil and gas industry. Based out of Humberside, which the group bought in 2012, ahead of Eastern's own buy-out by Bristow Group earlier this year, it operates more than 800 flights a week.

Mr Lake, chief executive of Eastern Group, said: "It is a great honour to again win the prestigious gold award, which is testament to the efforts and professionalism of every member of the team at Eastern Airways. To be recognised by our peers in the industry is tremendous as regional aviation is one of the most challenging and competitive sectors in the world. We must also thank our customers and trade partners who have continually supported us throughout our many years of operation."

Source: grimsbytelegraph.co.uk

Two dead in Flamborough coast helicopter crash
Aviation News

Two men have died after a private helicopter crashed off the coast of East Yorkshire, police said.

The helicopter was on a flight from West Lothian to Nottinghamshire when it crashed near Selwick Bay, Flamborough.

Police said the cause of the crash, at about 13:40 BST, was unclear.

Eyewitnesses reported hearing a "loud crack" before the helicopter, a Bell JetRanger, went into the sea. The wreckage is thought to be 200ft (60m) below the cliff top.

The bodies were recovered from the aircraft shortly before 17:00 BST, police said.

There was "a quantity of what appears to be aviation fuel in the water around the crash site, making it potentially unsafe at present", a police spokesman said.

The men were flying to an airfield in Retford, Nottinghamshire, when the helicopter got into difficulty at Flamborough.

An Edinburgh Airport spokesman said the helicopter had taken off from Dechmont, near Livingston, in West Lothian.

Paul Litten, commercial director at Humberside Airport, said the medium-sized helicopter was due to land for refuelling between 13:30 and 14:00 BST, before flying on to its destination.

He said the aircraft had "not handed over" to air traffic control at Humberside Airport.

Eyewitness Chris Palmer told BBC Radio 5 Live: "We heard the helicopter. It was like a white, private helicopter going along the coast.

"We all heard this really loud crack and looked up again.

"The helicopter started to descend, almost like a plane when it lands.

"It then went behind the cliff and that's when I called the emergency services. I never actually heard it hit the sea."

Golfers at Flamborough Head Golf Club said they thought the helicopter was trying to land near the club's 17th green.

Course Chairman Rod Marwood said he was on the course and saw part of the incident.

"It was just another one of the helicopters we get flying by, especially at the north [side of the head]," he said.

"I had not taken much notice, but then the engine noise changed. I was a fair way away but could see it going down and trying to get to land.

"Then it just disappeared down the side of the cliffs and never reappeared.

"Some guys heard a bump or smack and there was smell of aviation fuel. It was over in four or five seconds".

The RNLI said lifeboats from Bridlington and Flamborough were sent to the scene, but were later stood down.

Flamborough RNLI crew member Cole Ibbotson said: 'We could see the wreckage of the helicopter at the bottom of the cliff and could see where it had hit.

"[But] the swell was too big for the lifeboat to get in close so we were tasked to undertake a search pattern for [the] wreckage...

"We recovered a number of items which we have passed on to the police."

People have been advised to stay away from the area "until further notice due to the dangerous cliff edges".

A police cordon is expected to remain in place overnight.

Durham Tees Valley Airport said the helicopter had flown through its air space.

In a statement, the airport said: "Air traffic control at Durham Tees Valley did handle the flight, which it is believed originated in Scotland, whilst in local airspace.

"Subsequently the pilot of the aircraft contacted air traffic control to state that he had landed at a private site and was then proceeding to Humberside Airport."

The UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) said a team of investigators was heading to the crash site.

Source: bbc.co.uk

Flight Simulator is dead, but Microsoft's revered game will be r
Flightsim Members

Microsoft abandoned its revered Flight Simulator series years ago, but the underlying technology is about to make a comeback.

Ex-aircraft worker marks 100th birthday in Telford
Aviation News

A former aircraft worker celebrated her 100th birthday at a party, surrounded by family and friends.

Helen Palmer-Blundell, who lives in the residential part of Roden Care Home, near Telford, said of reaching her century: “It just doesn’t seem possible.”

But her family never had any doubts about her longevity.

Her son Nicholas, 65, said: “We always thought she’d make 100, even when she was younger.”

Mrs Palmer-Blundell married Nicholas’s father James in 1947, and worked at the Filton Aircraft Factory in Bristol during the Second World War.

Born on December 14, 1913, Mrs Palmer-Blundell has lived in many places, but looks back fondly on memories of Cheltenham.

“Oh, it was lovely there. A very nice place,” she said.

Staff at the care home said they had enjoyed looking after Mrs Palmer-Blundell, who remains physically active despite her age. Carer Dee Donegani said: “She’s no trouble at all, she’s a lovely lady and always has her manners.”

Manager of the home Linda Balderstone said Mrs Palmer-Blundell enjoyed her four years at the home.

She said: “She still reads, and she likes her make-up.

“She loves to get dressed up for an occasion and, although she’s not as fast as she used to be, she still likes walking.”

Mr Palmer-Blundell also commented on his mother’s love for walks. He said: “She’s always been a keen walker.

“Even when she was about 85, my wife and I would have to run to keep up with her!”

Mrs Palmer-Blundell is not the only resident at Roden Care Home to reach their century.

Mr Balderstone said: “We have a few over 100 – one resident stayed here until they were 105, so we hope Helen will be around for much longer.”

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnEn-IgNkp4

Source: www.shropshirestar.com



Passenger lands plane at Humberside Airport after pilot falls ill
Aviation News

A passenger has landed an aeroplane at Humberside Airport after the pilot fell ill at the controls.

Police, fire and ambulance crews were called to the airport after the pilot collapsed and a distress call was made from the light aircraft.

Two flying instructors were called in to advise the passenger how to bring the plane down.

One of them, Roy Murray, said the passenger had no flying experience and did a "remarkable job".

The passenger and pilot were the only people on board the aircraft, which took off from Sandtoft Airfield 25 miles (40km) away.

'Control room cheers'

Mr Murray, who works at a flying school based at the airport, said: "He made quite a good landing, actually.

"He didn't know the layout of the aeroplane, he didn't have lights on so he was absolutely flying blind as well.

"I think he'd flown once before as a passenger but never flown an aeroplane before."

Mr Murray said he tried to keep the man calm as he talked him through the landing procedure.

"The last thing you want to do is panic, then all sorts of things can happen."

He said there were cheers in the airport control room as the plane landed safely on its fourth attempt.

"It's a fantastic feeling knowing I have achieved something and probably saved somebody's life.

"I think without any sort of talk down he would have just gone into the ground and that would have been the end of it."


Stuart Sykes said he saw the aircraft land at about 19:50 BST.

"It came down with a bump, a bump, a bump, hit the front end down, I heard some crashing and it's come to a halt," he told BBC Look North.

"There were a few sparks and three or four crashes, that must have been the propeller hitting the floor.

"Then it uprighted again and it came to a stop."

Details of the pilot's condition have not been released.

The North Lincolnshire airport said a full emergency plan was put in place. Roads surrounding the airport were closed but have since reopened.

Two incoming flights from Aberdeen and Amsterdam were delayed while the aircraft was removed from the runway.

Videos and more on this article available on the BBC website Click Here

Source: bbc.co.uk

My New Buggy

 Get Up And Go

My New Buggy From the Navy (  ShipWrecked Mariners  ).

New Buggy

All The Best From   Harry   G-Y358

Humberside Airport gets new link to Copenhagen
Aviation News

A renewable energy "renaissance" in the Humber region has prompted a new air link with Denmark, Humberside Airport has said.

Daily flights between the airport and Copenhagen are due to start in October.

Christian Wild from Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) said: "Humberside is establishing itself as the renewable energy capital of the UK, and this ties in very well with Copenhagen and Scandinavia."

A £200m wind turbine factory in Hull, and the 600-turbine Dogger Bank wind farm are among the renewable energy projects planned for the Humber region, while the Danish government has set a goal of running the entire country on renewables by 2050.

News video: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-humber-22895759

Source: bbc.co.uk

Urgent Multiplayer

As you may know,

The GameSpy-powered component of Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) multiplayer was decommissioned on the 6th December 2012. It is now official that GameSpy will no longer be supporting the FSX title and that users of FSX will need to turn elsewhere to connect with each other. Now that we no longer have GameSpy, we all need to act together to save our hobby and ensure multiplayer remains alive through Direct Connect. I will keep you Updated .. Give me a call on Skype All the Best Harry

Boeing 747-800 With HVA Colours
HVA Vafs

Hi There

                Here Is The Boeing 747-800 With HVA Colours...

HVA 747-800

IIts In the Members Download In ATC...

All the Best    HARRY  G-Y358



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